This blog is my outlet for side projects in data science:

for explaining my research:

for small-scale scientific projects that are not at the level of a peer-reviewed publication:

and for ideas that take longer to elaborate than a tweet or a Facebook post. Commenting is encouraged. (Look to the upper tab for some technicalities.) And I’d just love to hear from you if you find my work interesting.

I hold a doctorate in applied mathematics from the University of Oxford, UK, as a former member of Keble College. My academic and personal website is at melykuti.be, I tweet at @BMelykuti. You are also welcome to follow me on Facebook for my public posts. My email is .

I am a freelance data scientist and applied mathematician (hire me!), and author of internationally recognised research publications on stochastic processes, probability theory, statistics, molecular biology, chemical reaction networks and control engineering. Armed with profound and broad methodological skills, I find joy in mathematical, statistical, computational modelling, optimisation (linear and non-linear programming). Recently, I have been working on

  • geoinformatics, photogrammetry, processing of Sentinel-2 multispectral satellite images,
  • image analysis and machine learning applied to images,
  • machine learning in industrial processes and retail.

Analytical thinking and thoroughness characterise me. My strengths are translating real-life problems into computational ones, and moving you ahead when you’re stuck on a hard problem because there is no standard solution. Contact me for requests related to any of these areas.

I am up to date in matters spanning macroeconomics, finance, the healthcare sector (pharmaceutical and medical devices industries), the automotive industry and the classic car scene, information and communications technologies, or the investment landscape in the developed world. Having lived in four countries, I am also well-travelled and culturally flexible. I speak English, German and Hungarian fluently. I live in Freiburg i. Br., Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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